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Hardware Development Policy

1. Specification determination
High-quality products are developed step by step as the following procedure.
1) Design specification document is prepared corresponding to the requirement, in which detailed function, operation, specification are described.
2) Explain various key milestones to the customer based on the design specification and modify the shortage part or correct some points(if any).
By this method, mistake or shortage shall be avoided in the design specification
2. Detailed design
1)Keep the recommended operating conditions of IC.
2)Confirm with the manufacturer unclear points which are not written in the data sheet.
3)Try to reduce the noise generation.
4)Design with margin even in the worst operation condition. Signal waveform, signal timing, power waveform, clock quality, power waveform, or operating temperature
5)Prepare checklist while designing and keep document of evidence for each confirmed items
6)Select parts for continuing production.
3. Art work
1)Make arrangement, layer structure in which signal quality is prioritized.
2)Make topology, usage of VIA, in which reflected waveform is considered.
3)Make arrangement in which crosstalk is considered.
4)Make arrangement in which heat generation is considered.
5)Prepare checklist of art work specification and keep evidence report for each confirmed items.
4. Verification
1)Prepare checklist of testing items which is used to prepare testing procedure document, and confirm with customers.
2)Conduct each type of measurement, and confirm if signal quality has margin for the required specification.
3)Confirm all details which is described in the design specification.
4)Conduct each type of verification by the worst condition of operation.
5)Summarize verification results to the testing report form.