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Company Name HELVETIA INC.
Establishment 11 November, 2013
Representative CEO Katsushi Mori
Capital 10,000,000 JPY
Major Bank Chugoku Bank
Address Head Office: 8-11 Tokaichi Nishimachi,Kitaku,Okayamashi 700-0856, JAPAN
Phone: +81-86-207-2577  Fax: +81-86-207-2588
Tokyo Office: NEXT 100teX Lab 2-1-10 Higashi-Gotanda Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022, JAPAN
Phone: +81-80-1925-3999 FAX:+81-86-207-2588
Business 1. Hardware Entrusted Development
Electrical circuit design, Art work design, FPGA design, Embedded wiring into the enclosure
2.Software Entrusted Development
RTOS Application Software such as Firmware, Device driver, Windows, Linux and iTron,VxWorks
3.Research & Develoment
Embedded system, Communication system,Security system, Image processing
4.Sale of standard produc
Industrial embedded PC, panel, touch panel display… (available for custom)
Solicitor Toshio Kikuchi (Representative of Kikuchi Sogo Law Office,Legal professional Corp.)
Tax accountant Naoki Mizuta (Representative of Naoki Mizuta Tax Accountant Office)
Labor and Social Security Attorney Akihiko Okada (Representative of Akihiko Okada Social Insurance Labor Office)
Membership of professional institutions Okayama Industrial Promotion Foundation
Okayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Okayama East Corporation Association
Micro manufacturing Okayama