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Traveled the world at the age of 20, worked as a salary-man at the age of 30 but did not satisfy with that situation, so I started up a company at the age of 40. After many years of struggling and experiencing ups and downs, started at the 4th corner of life at the age of 50. I still want to go on seeking for the possibility of unknown. It’s my destiny
Helvetia is just a newly- setup company. Therefore, we are aiming to be a cooperative company to accompany any valuable customer in long term with any of their big or small requirement. As long as the customer feel free to discuss we will try response with a perfect solution. This is my philosophy.
My dream is that every staff has highly professional knowledge to take the control of any small boat, so they can be confident to sail abroad on bigger boats.

Announcement of the established of company

It has been more than 20 years since the day of starting activities in the world of embedded system.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to many people of various fields, people in the industry, various seniors who have guided us so that we could have been growing up gradually Through the work, we have been feeling greatly and treasuring every important thought and wonderful meetings with various customers.
November 11th, 2013 became the lucky day of establishment of Helvetia Inc. Aiming to proposals which resonating the “thought" of each person, we are putting much more effort in order to be able to have newer “discovery" and “encounter" with all of you. We look forward to having chances to collaborate with you.

December 2013
Helvetia Inc
CEO Katsushi Mori